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KW/h-Meter -  Pre-Paid Meter

We deliver and install all kind of electricity meters in Single or 3-Phase

To know the usage of any machine or any room. Or to read the consumption of your tenant.

Conventionally Meters installed in the DB or in an external box.

Private PrePaid Meter

If you don’t have a Pre-Paid Meter from the Municipality or Eskom on your premises but you need just one or more for your Tenants - you can go for the CITIQ Pre Paid Meter. Your Tenant buy and pay the electricity in any common shop and CITIQ pays to your Bank Account.                

With an Electricity Monitor you see in real-time the electricity consumtion. As well you can run a long term test and see on your computer where and when you can save energy. Easy to connect to the entire house or just to any appliance or to any room. Single Phase or  3-Phase.

You can install as many CITIQ Pre-Paid Meter as you need.  Just the Units for the Tenants are a bit more expensiv as by Eskom or Municipality.                      

If you want to apply or change your Electrical Supply from ESKOM or Municipality

 If you have already a Pre-Paid Meter from the Municipality or Eskom and need a second one or more for tenants or general lighting - but the requirements from Municipallity or Eskom are not suitable - you can go for CITIQ as well.

  • Supply for a new Building
  • Change to Pre-Paid Meter
  • additional Pre-Paid Meter
  • Upgrade to more Ampere
  • Upgrade from Single-Phase to 3-Phase
  • Change your Supply from Over-Head to Underground

You need to apply by Eskom or Municipality. And on this application you need to name a registered ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR.. You can download the required form with ER-TRONIK details here.   Just in case we help you to fill in your specific details as well.                                                           After your application is handed over you get a free quote from Eskom or Municipality. And then you decide what registered contractor you use.