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Photo-Voltaic  Solar Power

For fixed  installation on buildings

there are principle 3 different possibilities.

And of course you can mix all possibilities  to your needs.

  Requirements from the City of Cape Town and other interesting information:                   cct_safe_and_legal_pv_requirements_march_2016


At example a small and not so expensive battery pack as back up (some LED lights, TV, Computer, ...)

We install PV-Systems to rules and standards as in Germany required

1) Pic 01 / GRID-TIED FEED IN Systems

would be the best solution in purchase price and maintenance costs, because no batteries are installed.

In many countries subsidised - but not in South Africa

Here you rather get punished with a Meter-Fee if you bring your for free generated Solar-Power to the Municipality Grid or it is even vorbidden by Eskom.

Housholds with an usage of up to 500KW/h a month could have 80 to 90% ELECTRICITY for free for the next 20years with an investment of only +/- R60.000. But the Meter-Fee with +/- R340 per month and the little amount you get paid what you generate to the grid makes it not profitable (calculated for 2015)


  Read more: Solar to Grid from Adam Oxford

Nevertheless a good investment if you need more as 600 KW/h per month what brings you win in only some years

Pic01 Gried-Tied

2) Pic 02 / GRID-TIED with REVERSE       POWER BLOCKING Systems

If you need Power during the day (Geyser, Pool Pump, Lights for ofice or workshop, ...) still a good investment.

3) Pic 03 & A3 / STANDALONE Systems

If you need power during the day and no needs for batteries - a good investment

Or in areas with no power supply - SOLAR POWER is still one of  the best Alternatives

But get expensive if you want to store your generated power and have to invest in Batteries

Pic02 Grid-Tied
Pic03 standalone PicA3 standalone

To get benefits

You have not to invest R100.000 or more.

You can start small and extend step by step.

You can start with smaller units like a Geyser RETROFIT KIT

(what is incl. installation +/- R14.000)

You install a Geyser RETROFIT KID with 3 Solar Panels to a standard 150L geyser and the costs for this Retrofit Kid is amortized in plus/minus 4 years.

After this +/- 4 years your geyser runs to 80% for free

And this saving will be -with continues Eskom increases- more as today

And with some add. Electrical Installation your Pool Pump runs most time for free on this 3 Universal-Solar-Panels

Portable PV-Systems in different Sizes and for different necessities

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