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Lights & LED Lights

Light and Prisma

We install and delivery all kind of light-fittings for Commercial and Industrial Properties

With proffessional Software we design your Light Plan regarding to your needs for most effective and power saving light

You need an additional switch or light and switch but want not the inconvenience of an new installation (open wall, cables) we install your light via wireless remote control

The Benefit of LED’s

  • have a longer life than conventional lamp
  • have a low energy consumtion
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • environmentally-friendle as it contains no mercury
  • low infrared light and no UV emissions
  • instant full light on when switching

Colour Comparison Chart for LED’s

Colour Comparison

B y  C o m p a r i s o n



Energy Saver

Lamp Life +/-1000h

Lamp Life  +/- 8000h

Lamp Life +/- 30 000h

 Consumtion 9.5Watt

 Consumtion 18Watt

 Consumtion 100Watt

Replace Halogen Flood Light with LED Flood Lights

75 Watt  with 10Watt 100Watt with 20Watt 200Watt with 30Watt 300Watt with 50Watt 500Watt with 80Watt

Replace CFL Down Lights with LED Down Lights

2x26W CFL with 8” LED 2x18W CFL with 6” LED 2x9W   CFL with 4” LED

High Bay Lights in Factories and Store Rooms

Replace 400Watt (Metal Halide / Sodium or Mercury Vapor) Lamp with 85Watt Energy Saver Bulb

Replace Halogen Lamps with LED Lamps

Replace 150 to 250Watt Lamp with 45Watt Energy Saver Bulb

Down Lights 230Volt / GU10 socket or 12Volt / MR16 socket

E40 and E27

35-50Watt Halogen with 5Watt LED

(Standard or Dimmable)

Replace Florescent Tubes to LED Tubes you save +/- 60% Energy (frosted or clear)

10-20Watt Halogen with 3Watt ECO LED

LED’s are the Future for all fields of application. The Development is fast. Each year more efficience - more Lumen but less power consumtion