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                                   Aerial & Satellite

       We install all kinds of Areal - Antenna - Satellite 

We install for Domestic

the normal UHF Areal for SABC 1 to 3 and E

M-Net over UHF Terristrial Aerial or Satellite

DSTV and the German Deunet over Satellite

different Solutions if you have more than one TV

FM Aerials for UKW

and Complex- or Apartment Buildings

for more than 100 TV

Systems for Hotels,  Hospitals or Retirement Villiages

With this System you need no Satellite Decoder for the TV

Each TV receives self-contained all Channels

You can connect Cameras to watch a function or what ever you like aditional to each TV

                   With the FM Radio to RF Converter

       each TV can receive different FM Radio Stations as well


Cellular Aerials

to improve your reception

Satellite and Aerial for

Wireless Broadband